Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Chemical Reactivity Reflection

A. What were at atleast 3 things you learnt about chemical reactivity?
Three things I learnt about chemical reactivity were: about valence electrons, energy levels, and the                 names of the different groups.

B.Which of these 3 things is something you will likely never forget.
I think that I will never forget how to calculate the number of valence electrons.

C.What was your favourite thing we did in this unit?Why?
Personally, I feel that my favorite thing in this unit was performing the chemical reactions as I enjoyed it   and I also got to learn in more depth about what actually happens between those chemicals.

D.What is something you are still curious about that you would like to know more about?
I am still curious about what happens when the last few elements of the alkali metals react with water, we did not discuss that in much depth in class.

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