Thursday, 11 October 2012

Abnormal character- Harry Potter

Normal. This word is so commonly used to describe people, but do we really know what we mean when we call someone normal or abnormal. Everyone is unique and everyone has there own opinion on what normal is.
One person I can think of who was thought normal by some and abnormal by other was Harry Potter. This way there were many opinions developed upon Harry Potter. I can understand how Harry would feel, as he got a lot of mixed reactions from loads of people. Harry was always doubted and and even hated by some people. Even with all this happening I feel that Harry never gave up on who he was, he believed that "you can't always please everyone!" Harry supported his own opinion even if that meant going against everyone.He never gave up on what he believed, if he found out he was the only one who believed that. However I think Ron and Hermione where one of Harry's greatest supports as when he was in trouble they always stood by him, even if they had to give up their lives for him. All three of them where loyal and honest to each other and believed in what they did. They trusted each other and never hid anything, and I think the friend you are able to tell everything, is your true friend, as that indirectly shows that you trust that person.
I think I can connect with Harry because just like him, I would always stand by my friends, even if that meant going against everyone. I feel that trust and honesty are one of they key factors in a relationship with anyone. Whether its a friend or then a family member.

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  1. Hi Anu,

    I like how you connected with someone who isn't physically like you but emotionally like you. I completely agree with your traits being similar to Harry's traits.

    However one thing I don't like about Harry is that there have been many instances in the books where he has misjudged people. I would be quite curious to see whether you agree with me?