Wednesday, 31 October 2012

An interesting monday afternoon

It was a lazy monday afternoon, right after lunch when we had our first english lesson after the october break. To be honest I was quite sleepy that particular day, but not for too long as what we saw next really opened my eyes to a new perspective of things. We heard a speech by Chimamanda Adichie                               
in which she discussed singles stories and how they majorly impacted peoples perspectives about the world and its people. 
I noticed something in her speech which I would love to incorporate in my speeches, which was that she related her speech with a real life example; which was herself. This instantly grasps the readers/listeners attention as its much easier to relate with a real life example compared to just an idea or thought. 
She began her speech with mentioning how she was greatly influenced by a single story and how she believed that single story was the only story because she had read it umpteen number of times. Gradually as she left her own little world and travelled to America, she realized she wasn't the only one who believed in single stories. She first discovered this when she met her room-mate who had heard single stories about Africans just like her. Chimamanda Adichie stated that she was surprised at the fact that people actually thought that way. She explained how the world has a set of single stories which people like to believe in, and not bother digging up to deep into that topic and search for the real story. 
She understood that you must have your opinions and have some willingness to dig deeper if you want to find the other side to the single story. She also compared herself to the world and said that everyone has their own single stories and maybe if she hadn't lived in Africa herself she would have had the same 
views about Africa as her room-mate. 
She beautifully concluded her speech by saying" when we reject the single story we regain a kind of paradise."


  1. Great recap and summary, but can you share some of your thoughts, or why you connected to it? Remember who your audience is? For now, it is primarily your peers and our class, so perhaps they do not need a re-cap. They want to get into your head and your heart and discuss your ideas.

    Glad that you related to this talk.

    1. Anu, I love how you portrayed what Chimamanda said, in such a beautiful way. I agree with what Mr. Raisdana says aswell though. Though you explained in a real graceful way. Great Job! :)