Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The people I admire the most!

Have we ever wondered that somewhere deep inside the people we really admire the most are always our parents? Yes, we do admire many other people who have accomplished a lot and who have traits  we would love to adopt. I do admire many people in the world, but I feel that the people I admire the most are my parents. Every action and every decision of theirs becomes like a new lesson for any child. We like to behave like them, because since birth they are the people we trust the most. Everything we do somewhere or the other does have a little influence from what our parents would do.

I feel both my parents have a lot of common and unique qualities. I admire my dad the most for his quality of never giving up on anything or anybody. If he decides to do something he doesn't leave it until it is accomplished. This quality of his has really helped me as I notice how successful he is when he doesn't give up, I feel this is a very important quality as it comes to use in nearly every turning point in life. Also I do tend to get slightly irritated at times , but each day as I notice my dad, he never seems to get irritated with anything. Maybe because he believes that everything is possible and that getting annoyed does not help you accomplish anything.
On the other hand my mom has a different set of qualities. She does keep reminding about my dads positive qualities that I should adopt, but I do learn a lot from her as well. The best quality about my mom is that, she always gives her hundred percent at what ever she does, and keeps trying to improve it until its near  perfection. My mom loves work however bad it is as long as someone has done their level best to do it, and cannot improve upon it anymore. This quality is a great one to adopt, as it always pushes you forward in life to do better than what you are already doing.

These were just a few qualities that I find really useful and handy in a lot of real life situations.


  1. Have you shared this with your parents. I am sure it will make them very happy.

    1. ummm. not yet, but I figure I should.