Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Today I learnt that reading is the one place where you can get completely lost. You can keep reading forever (as long as the book grasps your interest). You float into a world where all the people surrounding you are simply characters, but for that period of time, they feel like they are your companions, your friends and if you relate with them, then they begin to feel like a part of your life. A book can teach you many lessons and you can also discover a great amount of things.

I came across many passages that truly exhibited what an amazing author Cornelia Funke is, but one of my favorite was:

"Suddenly, and for the first time, he felt lost in this strange world, and he was about to curl up and go to sleep under a tree when he saw the fire,
It was burning brightly high up on the slope of the hill, red as a hibiscus flower opening a then fading even as it unfurls. Farid quickened his pace and hurried up the slope, his gaze fixed on the place where he had seen the blossoming flames. Dustfinger! It shone among the trees again sulfur yellow this time, bright as sunlight. "

I felt this part is extremely well written as, the author had beautifully explained the way the fire looked at night and you can literally imagine what it must look like. The author has used amazing similes to do so and I would love to be able to describe things like her.

At this point into the book, I am looking forward to what is going to happen as the more you read the more enthralling it gets!


  1. Hey Anu, I really like Cornelia Funke although I have not read the Inkheart series. I would really like to read it. If you like Cornelia Funke's books, have you read the Thief Lord? I'm reading it right now and it's a really good book, I suggest you read it :)

    1. Sure its one of the books on my reading list :), I have also read Inkheart which was the first book in the series and I suggest you try it too!