Wednesday, 14 November 2012


A day spent at the banks of a river...

The bright yellow sun rays blinded my eyes as I walked down a rocky road covered with hundreds of small, gray slippery pebbles towards the river. The road sloped down the hill, it was literally pushing me down. There were clouds as white as cotton contrasting against a sky as blue as water. Birds flew around enjoying the magnificent weather and calling out to their companions.I could hear mixed voices of about seventy people scattered all around me running around in all possible directions like lost ants. My light blue scarf flew around with the  wind. It’s enhanced softness amazed me as it brushed against my face. 

As I looked towards the ground I noticed another set of red and black checked pair of Vans walking ride beside me. I looked up to see my friend looking perplexed most probably because I didn't notice him previously. He wore a black cap and a black t-shirt with ‘Metallica’ written across it, he wore a pair of funky bermudas which were blue and white in colour. He wore a red band around his right wrist and had a black chain around his neck. His messy hair covered  a lot of his of his ears and most part of his forehead.He had dark brown eyes which were looking at me so questioningly that I was afraid he might pounce on me if I didn't reply. He waved his tanned arms in front of me, checking if I had now seen him! I quickly waved my arm towards him, telling him I had noticed him. We spoke about random things till we got down the slope.

Suddenly I stopped right in my tracks, so abruptly that the person behind me didn't have enough time to control his limbs, that were just rolling down the slope, and simply walked into me. After a series of apologies, I shifted my attention back to what had made me stop so abruptly. A silky blueish white river gushed by me, it seemed as though it was flowing at the speed of lightening, the river exploded into tiny droplets after banging into every rock that came in its way.I simply stood there with my hair blowing with the wind and goosebumps all over my body, absolutely flabbergasted!  Never before had I had seen a scenery so appealing to the eyes. Just behind the river stood a row of brownish green mountains which  stood tall and proud, almost as if they felt responsible for the ownership and well-being of the river.There were trees at full bloom, giving out flowers which were light pink in colour making the mountains look even more appealing than before.The clouds were hovering just above the tips and it looked like the clouds were trying to play  game of who can get the lowest because the clouds just looked oh so low! AIl of a sudden I heard my best friends voice ringing in ears. As I looked back towards her, she was literally charging towards me in her light blue shorts and brown t-shirt which along with her flowing light brown hair was flying with the wind. Abruptly she came to a stop shortly in front of me.  We both squealed with sheer excitement.The wind was chilly and strong, and it felt as though it was trying to drag us with it. I carefully stepped into the chilly water, trying my level best to balance my self.  

I felt tiny chilly drops of water fall on me as all of my friends jumped into the water.My entire grade was now in the river! Before I even knew it i was completely drenched. Everyone around was in drenched clothes, and the people who weren't wet were considered abnormal at that time,and just like an army everyone would charge towards that one person, with only one thought in mind, ‘we must get that person drenched.’  Everyone was falling around, trying to balance themselves on the small, grey slippery rocks at the bottom of the river. It felt like one huge domino. Since we were so tightly packed together if one person fell everyone around that person would fall as well, just like a domino.

I had  swollen fingers and a shivering body, but still nothing effecting me! As one looked around all you could see where cheerful laughing faces or people in the midst of water fights...between all those people one of them was me..who was part of a water “cap” fight.That simply meant that we filled water in caps and through it at others. the fascinating part was that the water wouldn't stay in the cap for too long so we had to throw real quick. It was quite a task at first but soon we got the hang of it and called it our own little game that we’d invented. 

Well, even though we were having a great lot of fun I guess the people living or walking around weren't enjoying our company all that much, as to be honest we were one noisy bunch of kids! we got weird glances and long stares but I guess all that made no difference! 

Soon enough,infact sooner than we’d expected it was time to back to our camping site. with a great amount of moans and groans we headed back, even though i did have a little trouble finding my way back to the rock I left my slippers, i did eventually. 

“That was an amazing day spent” which was what everyones reaction was, our teachers did have a little bit of trouble  settling down about 70 students all bubbling with excitement and compassion about discussing the day spent with their friends!!

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  1. Thanks for choosing to post your work. Would love to see more random posts from you. Come on, let us in. Curious what is going on in that head of your. You can trust us ;)