Saturday, 17 November 2012

Why test our love?

A short story I read in class was all it took to get my mind racing. Why do we need to test love? Why is it that even when you love someone with all your heart you still doubt your love? Is it an insecurity or simply the fear of rejection? People test their love all the time, whether it by not meeting each other for weeks or then living far apart. These are simply small things people do to see if they really love each other. Its not like its abnormal for someone to want to do something like this, every person wants to love someone with their whole heart, in short everyone is in search for their 100% love, but what is this 100% love? A force of irresistible attraction towards someone? Or simply wanting to spend all of life with that one person. Then again if our love is 100% why test it?
We could be testing our love to make sure that it is the person we are in love with and not just the idea of being in love. We want to make sure if we really are ready to spend all of our time with the person. This is where the idea of testing love comes in.

Lets begin with the basics, lets define what testing love is? I think testing love is when you put your love in a situation which you would normally never put in through, you leave it upon fate to bring two people together again, but what if you never meet? Then again we blame it on fate. We say "our love wasn't a 100% true, which is why even fate kept us apart." But what is fate and why do we always leave everything upon fate? What if fate never existed and its just a medium we use to describe as something which helps us take our decisions. Sometimes, it may not be fate but it might just be our heart. If we believe that fate didn't want us to be together and we believe it and live with it, that just explains that we can live without each other and that our love wasn't 100%. So ultimately, I feel that fate may not exist, but we treat it as a medium of leaving some of our decisions on some extra ordinary force when we don't have the courage to take them ourselves.

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  1. I love that you are working your way through these tough ideas. Keep it up. Soon we will begin to look at how we can clarify our thoughts a bit.