Thursday, 31 January 2013

Free writing-Should "Happy" pills be legalised?

Well, if you think of isn't really a bad idea, thinking of all the people in this who commit suicide because they aren't happy. For them just one pill could technically safe their life. Sometimes you just need a little push to get out of a bad mood, usually its your immediate family who pushes you, but what happens when you live alone? Friends? Yeah maybe, but what if they aren't able to convince you? That is why this pill isn't a bad idea and it should be legalised. It would make life so much easier for many.

On the other hand this pill should never be legalized, for the only reason that you may forget how to naturally feel happy. Once you start taking these pills you will feel like "its so easy to feel happy when I take these pills!" Soon you will give up on even trying to feel happy. It would become sort of be like taking drugs or drinking. You won't be able to survive without it. In short you would get addicted to them.

Overall I  think that there are many sides to this argument. Some may think that it would be great to have these pills but some may be completely against them......what do you think?

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