Saturday, 2 February 2013

Incredible India- Inspired by "How to write about Africa" by Binyavanga Wainaina

To begin must never forget to mention something like "Incredible India" or then " My holy or spiritual days spent in India" in your title.

To grab the readers attention you must include your holy visit to the ganges river, where you immensely felt the spirituality in the air and the sacredness of the river. You wowed at the beautiful sunsets....keeping aside the dirt floating in the river and polluted sky where you could hardly see anything. You had your future read by some spiritual priest with dreadlocks sitting by the river and realized the true meaning of your life. Probably being cheated into paying a 100 rupees for something based on what the person could make out from your attitude and looks.
Include how beautiful the Taj Mahal was and that you had never seen something so clean and refreshing to look at in your life...and how helpful the government was by providing guides there and ferry rides on camels which took you up to the Taj Mahal. Never mention the guide who cheated of your money who promised you a good experience and left you with nothing but lies. The dirty seat of the camel ride stinking of greasy oil making you feel sick and the loud shouts of the person in charge yelling at anyone who came in the way. Never mention the mention the people who couldn't refrain from spitting all over and didn't have any respect for you what so ever.
Mention the colourful city of Delhi where you could sense the hustle bustle of everyday and the delicious smells of the deep fried food cooked in stale oil wafting through the air. Keep aside the horrible stink coming from the open drains and the cows which were roaming all over the road, the busy rickshaw drivers nearly running over your feet and and ringing their bells the extreme that it could burst your ear drums. The pollution all around you that it was literally suffocating you and the traffic conjestion, I suggest you don't even start mentioning that as you will never finish.To sum it all up you could say this was the most refreshing experience of your life and that you would love to come back and you could end with a deep quote by Mahatma Gandhi or Jawaharlal Nehru.

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