Sunday, 24 February 2013

What do you feel about "What is the What"?

We started reading "what is the what" in class a few weeks ago. It is quite interesting as it gives a lot of information. I feel that sometimes it can get a bit over-whelming and confusing with the constant time period change. We meet a lot of new characters which adds to the confusion as I suddenly feel completely lost about who the particular person is.

Other than this I'm enjoying the book, even if it's not the kind I regularly read. I'm learning a great deal about the the war. Before I started this book I hardly knew anything about the war, but now I think I would be able to explain the general gist of it. The only thing that really troubles me is that I don't know whether I could completely trust this first hand experience as it is obviously bias and would be influenced by the people around Valentino and their opinions

Overall I think that reading "what is the what" has been pretty surprising. I was shocked about many incidents that took place during the war. The book has been enthralling yet a bit horrifying as I never assumed such things ever happened. I hope to learn a lot more as I progress deeper into the book.

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